What Our Customers Say About Us

Press Control System Upgrades


Newsquest Hampshire and Dorset, Southampton, UK

“The requirement to upgrade our press control system on the Southampton press had become a serious priority. Harland Simon was able to offer us a phased installation, minimum production disruption and a competitive price. The upgrade future proofs the press with a fully supportable system.” – Ian Hunter, Print Manager


Star Medya Group, Turkey

“Harland Simon has been our partner for many years and we have always found the press control system to be very reliable.” – Ha?met Gökirmak, Chief Operating Officer


Turkuvaz Medya Group, Turkey

“We have known for some time that we were at risk due to unsupported parts, so we saw this as an essential step before any reconfiguration of the printing units. This upgrade will extend the life of the HT70 press and improve the press operation for our printers and technicians. We feel ourselves more secure according to the past because of having a safer and faster communication system and also a more user friendly control system. We have been very pleased with the work that Harland Simon has done. The project was completed on time, and with no disturbance to our daily production schedules.” – Sedat Yazar, Group Technical Manager

AWO Logo

Advanced Web Offset, CA, USA

“I have been very impressed with Harland Simon’s responsiveness to our objectives, their intimate knowledge of our specific Goss computer systems and the quality of the system upgrade they proposed. Instead of just an OS upgrade to the same original software and new PC’s, the Harland Simon system upgrades the OS and offers a much improved system with tremendous opportunities to add more features at press as needed. The Harland Simon system offers a much improved product over the original press system and the Harland Simon installation team was an outstanding highly skilled team that was very accommodating during the change to the new system.” – Bob Hicks, Plant Manager

Sayward Honer / The Forum

The Forum-Fargo, ND, USA

“The installation went extremely well and the Harland Simon Technicians were very flexible in working around our print schedule. Another significant part of this upgrade is that a lot of the components in this system are off-the-shelf items that can be purchased and supported locally.” – Mike Crabtree, Production Director


The Dominion Post – Wellington, New Zealand

“Harland Simon has done extremely well throughout both stages of this installation. Communication has been a key. The technical side of their installation involved a major revamp of our press control system and their staff have been very accommodating.” – Paul Elenio, General Manager – Central Region

Press Drive and Reelstand Control Upgrade


Jamaica Gleaner, Jamaica

“We had a really seamless transition with our press drive conversion. There were no production delays of any consequence and the project was delivered within the scheduled time. The assigned engineer established an excellent working relationship with our staff and this helped considerably in influencing our decision to opt for Harland Simon for our Reelstand Control upgrade.” – Ian Roxburgh, Special Projects Consultant, Gleaner Company

Copy Counting System

HPL Didcot

HPL – Didcot, UK

“We evaluated the solutions offered by a number of the industry’s leading suppliers, but in the end Harland Simon’s ability to combine their proven Prima platform with our specific requirements made the choice straightforward. Accurate, real-time copy counts are essential in our drive to minimise waste so it was very important for us to make the right decision – and I’m sure that we have.” – Christine Klafkowska, Deputy MD of Harmsworth Printing Ltd and General Manager of HPL-Didcot

The Guardian Print Centre

The Guardian Print Centre – London, UK

“As well as offering an excellent technical solution, Harland Simon really understands newspaper production. They are the benchmark for this type of system.” – Brett Lawrence, General Manager

Press Extension


Archant Print – Norwich, UK

“With four folders and ten units, the new extension will give us one of the best – if not the best – regional press facility in the country. To achieve our production ambitions and waste targets in Norwich, it’s important for us to have the best control and management systems that are available. Harland Simon is the obvious choice.” – Nick Schiller, Managing Director