Harland Simon announces further upgrades at Des Moines Register


DesMoinesRegisterHarland Simon is delighted to announce the next stage of a multi-phase project at The Des Moines Register, IA, which includes the upgrade of their folders A & C, as well as their Angle Bar Nest Web Break Detectors.

This follows the successful upgrade of Folder B’s proprietary Interbus Loop Encoders on a manroland press.

Replacing the proprietary Interbus Loop Encoders and Web Break Detectors on the remaining two folders, Harland Simon engineers will again be installing remote I/O at The Des Moines Register in order to facilitate a better way of interfacing to new devices. This enables the use of off-the-shelf components such as proximity sensors and encoders, which are more readily available and often at a lower cost. Prior to the upgrade the publication was relying on using rarely available parts with built-in fieldbus interfaces.

John Staiano, Managing Director – Americas for Harland Simon comments: “When a newspaper is faced with the levels of proprietary hardware seen on these type of presses, a phased approach is often the only viable way. The extensive experience of our project managers and engineers of carrying out this type of retrofit has helped ensure that the project was completed without requiring any down time.”

Harland Simon uses off-the-shelf hardware which means that if components fail, these can be sourced locally from multiple suppliers, ensuring parts are always available and at a competitive price.  Coupled with using control software that is open and available to the end user, this approach has helped build an enduring maintenance partnership with The Des Moines Register and other media organizations around the globe.