Harland Simon replaces roll handling system at Louisville, KY



Contracted by Gannett Publishing Services Harland Simon has replaced the Metso Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) at The Courier Journal in Louisville, KY.

The new system allows for the maintenance of an inventory of newspaper rolls within the warehouse, storage bins and roll preparation areas. The upgrade ensures rolls can be delivered to the reel pans in a timely manner.

The project involved the complete replacement of the application software servers with Harland Simon’s own ASRS. Using off-the-shelf hardware instead of proprietary parts ensures that support and replacement components will be readily available locally and at competitive prices.

The new ASRS retains the conveyor and movable retriever vehicle in the roll storage aisles, which can be upgraded at a later date. The new system maintains interfaces with the EAE press controls and KBA reelstands as well as Abitrol for stock and billing control. In addition, the Harland Simon ASRS interfaces with various other peripheral devices including scales and barcode readers in order to streamline operations and increase visibility, via web accessible devices, across their location.

John Staiano, Managing Director – Americas for Harland Simon commented, “This project follows the successfully replacement of the Jervis Web ASRS at Indianapolis Star, IN, earlier this year and it was great working with another Gannett site.”

The project was completed in the 1st quarter of 2017.