Automatic Storage and Retrieval System Control Upgrades

Do you experience increasing failures on your ageing ASRS? Are you struggling to replace obsolete and unsupported components? Do you need to accommodate changing storage and operational needs?

Harland Simon provides a range of cost-effective upgrade solutions to prolong the life and increase the uptime of any type of ASRS system including those supplied by Jervis Webb (now Daifuku), Metso and Schneider. We can upgrade any part of your ASRS including controls, drives, PCs, PLCs and sensors.


Extended life and ROI of ageing assets

Added functionality

Enhanced diagnostics for quick fault finding

Increased system reliability

Reduced maintenance cost

Lower capital expenditure compared to new system


Our ASRS control and management system upgrades help extend the service life and functionality of equipment with minimal disruption to your operational schedule. With a zero risk strategy firmly in place, at no stage do we make a change that cannot be reversed until the solution is fully proven.

The use of modern, off-the-shelf hardware and industry standard PC and PLC controls means that components for future maintenance and repair are available at competitive prices and can be sourced locally.

Using open systems means that you have full access to all PLC code, databases, control and management software.

With over 30 years’ experience of system integration we can interface to almost any 3rd party system within your warehouse to streamline process and achieve better retrieval times.

In 2017, Harland Simon replaced the Metso Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) controls at The Courier Journal in Louisville, KY, contracted by Gannett Publishing Services

The new system allows for the maintenance of an inventory of newspaper rolls within the warehouse, storage bins and roll preparation areas. The control and management system upgrade ensures rolls can be delivered to the reel pans in a timely manner. Read more

In 2016, contracted by Gannett Publishing Services, Harland Simon replaced the Jervis Webb Roll Handling system controls at The Indianapolis Star, IN. The system upgrade ensures rolls can be delivered to the reel pans in a timely manner.

The project involved the complete replacement of the application software servers, with Harland Simon’s own roll handling system. Read more