Metro Production Conference 2017 – A great event for Harland Simon


John-Staiano-MUG-2017Harland Simon’s team at the Metro Production Conference 2017 saw a host of enquiries from press and production managers from across the US.

Attendance at the conference in Tampa, Florida was up from last year and over 75 different newspapers from 10 different countries were represented.

The Harland Simon team experienced a lot of interest in its range of upgrade and retrofit solutions. As part of the conference, John Staiano, Managing Director – Americas for Harland Simon delivered a short presentation on control upgrade procedures during a panel discussion.

Not surprisingly a lot of discussions centred around eliminating obsolescence in print production and implementing cost effective upgrade solutions to keep presses running efficiently. But there was also a particular focus of interest on Harland Simon’s Soft Proofing solution.



John Staiano commented:

“We understand that accurate and fast proofing is especially important for printers who produce a lot of commercial work like printing flyers or brochures, often on single width presses. This is where color matching really matters and our Soft Proofing can help printers keep their clients happy.”

Harland Simon’s Soft Proofing system provides an instant proof on a high quality screen that has been calibrated to represent the output capabilities and limitations of the press. Accurate proofing ensures color consistency across different presses and considerably reduces the number of reprints required. It increases profitability by reducing complaints from advertisers or commercial customers by not giving them any grounds to refuse to pay for an out-of-spec advertisement or brochure.