Press Drives

Harland Simon has been supplying drive systems to the newspaper industry for over 30 years. Originally, we designed and manufactured our own drives and we retain this expertise and know the importance of a well-implemented drive system. We can provide drives for new presses, as extensions to existing presses or simply to replace obsolete systems.


Reduced risk of lengthy downtime

Enhanced diagnostics and better fault-finding

Reduced maintenance costs

24/7 remote support

Increased reliability

Off-the-shelf components

Multiple drive masters

Upgrading your drive system

Drive UpgradesAlthough older presses may still run well and produce good copies, the drives that were installed with them often include obsolete components. Running an ageing drive system always carries the risk of disrupting production in the event of a sudden drive failure. Even where a degree of redundancy is inbuilt, a failure may force a publication to run at lower speeds and miss deadlines as a result. Sourcing replacement components can take days, weeks or in the worst case they may not be available at all.
We specialise in replacing drive systems as a controlled project with installation carefully planned around your existing print schedules to create an approach that allows replacement without disruption to your production. A new drive system from Harland Simon also offers improved diagnostics and fault-finding with the advantages of 24×7 support and reduced maintenance costs.
Harland Simon offers a choice of DC, AC, and a range of shaftless drive configurations giving you the option to work with your preferred technology.