Goss Universal Press Control Upgrade

Do you need to address obsolete and unsupported components? Have parts of your press become unrepairable?

Goss Universal presses from the 1990s and 2000s equipped with Allen-Bradley hardware are faced with maintenance and support issues as hardware is now obsolete. As a result, production on these presses is under threat with MPUs becoming a single point of failure and 808 and 859 modules becoming unserviceable.


Proven upgrade solution

Phased approach to spread investment over time

No production downtime

More efficient operation

Helps future proof your press

Eliminates obsolete components

Upgrade Overview

Harland Simon offers hassle free and cost effective upgrade solutions for any type of press including Goss Universal. Over the past 30 years we have upgraded hundreds of presses including over a dozen on the Goss Universal range.

So, why put your production at risk with obsolete components?

A phased approach

Phase 1 – MPU Upgrade and Quality Screens

MPU Upgrade

A PC replaces the MPU functionality and has HDLC interfaces to the existing on-unit 808/859 quality controllers. It also features ethernet interfaces for new Harland Simon controllers. This means that a combination of existing and upgraded components can be run on the same press. This enables a flexible and economic upgrade approach, for example, when one part on an old press is replaced and spares are harvested to support the remaining system.

Quality Screens

The Prima Console uses the latest generation of wide-screen monitors with higher resolution and greater display area. This means offers more relevant functionality on each screen layout which, in turn, reduces the need to switch from one display to another. Reduced keystrokes and fewer displays make operation more efficient and reduce waste.

Phase 2 – On-unit controls 808 and 859 module upgrade

Initially the on-unit controls 859 and 808 modules remain on the units, interfaced via HDLC to the new PCs (MPU replacement), allowing the upgrade project to be spread over time. The use of plug-in replacements means no downtime for your press.

The modules can be replaced as follows:

  • An ARM-based controller, one per couple, is used to replace the Z808 modules (Ink & Registration)
  • An ARM-based controller, one per level, is used to replace the 859 module (Damp)
  • The HDLC communications is replaced by Ethernet to the new modules

Phase 3 – PressVision/RotoVision Upgrade

The PressVision/Rotovision upgrade replaces press desks PC, moving all controls onto the Prima Control Screens; in addition, the press PLC is replaced with a modern off-the-shelf Allen-Bradley Logix Processor.

  • Replace IO and functionality associated with the SLC or PLC/5 Rack in the press desk
  • Move all PressVision/RotoVision functionality to the Prima Control Screens
  • Enable other controls, not originally integrated into the PressVision/Rotovision screen, but hardwired direct from the press desk, to be integrated into and controlled from the Harland Simon Control System, creating a single point of operation.

Upgrades and Retrofits

We can provide a range of enhancements to your existing press to improve out put quality and reduce costs whilst keeping you in daily production.