Downstream Controls

Managing the flow of newspapers downstream from the inserters right up to being loaded into vehicles forms a key element of post press management.


Increased reliability to minimise downtime

Eliminates obsolescence to future proof your downstream processes

Sophisticated functionality at an affordable cost

Links with mailroom systems to provide an integrated solution

Prima Downstreams Controls

Prima Downstream Controls provide a reliable and effective solution to manage any of your post-inserter processes including stacking, labelling, palletising and sorting to loading docks to ensure deliveries leave your site on time. Our solutions are flexible to suit your specific requirements and offer a high level of sophistication for production scheduling and diagnostics to effectively reduce dispatch errors and downtime.

Our advanced upgrade methodology means we can make your downstream controls more reliable and supportable without the need to disrupt daily production. By removing obsolete and unsupported parts and replacing them with standard off-the-shelf components Harland Simon’s downstream control upgrades offer added functionality and reduced downtime.

For example, we can enable you to take control of an existing copy conveyor supplying the stackers in order to effectively manage the flow of copies into the stackers. By interfacing with the stackers, we can enable you to control the number of copies in a bundle and feed down key bundle notifications. The system also sends top sheet information to printers for accurate bundle labelling.

Combining increased management capability of the Downstream Controls with the Prima Mailroom Manager can bring further benefits by making each part of the Downstream System part of an integrated mailroom solution by providing centralised control over all post press processes.