Inserter Controls – InsertNet

The Prima InsertNet Inserter Control System enables newspapers to compete with other media to provide their customers with highly targeted marketing opportunities. Designed to maximize productivity and reduce overall cost, waste and downtime, InsertNet will meet the most demanding newspaper production and marketing requirements.


Real-time monitoring for complete control

Accurate diagnostics to resolve any faults quickly

User-friendly touch screen operation reduces the need for training and the likelihood of errors


The user-friendly touch screen designs make operation intuitive to reduce the need for training and ensure complex scheduling tasks can be performed with greater confidence reducing the likelihood of expensive errors. Advanced real-time diagnostics can accurately pinpoint any faults in the system to ensure problems can be resolved quickly to minimise any impact on tight delivery deadlines. Jobs can be entered locally, downloaded from the Prima Mailroom Management System or a 3rd party system and modified to fit in with changes in the production requirements.
A real-time monitoring display shows how each insert pocket is performing during a run. Misses, doubles and faults can be clearly identified so that corrective action can be taken instantly if required. Performance data is also logged into the system database in order to allow analysis to highlight failing equipment before it actually stops working and causes production downtime. A wide range of standard, browser based reports is available, and the SQL database software with built-in report writing function enables users to design custom reports to suit their specific requirements.


Control system upgrades

InsertNet is available as a control system upgrade to a wide range of inserting equipment. The obsolete and unsupported elements of the inserters are removed and replaced by standard, off-the-shelf components to offer better functionality and increased stability. This means that hardware parts are readily available from local suppliers at competitive prices. The open architecture has been developed in consultation with our customers, combining extensive knowledge of the newspaper packaging process with our excellence in production control to provide the most function-rich, robust and reliable system available.