Mailroom Manager

The Prima Mailroom Manager System (MMS) is a top level Management Information System, designed to provide a centralised platform for effective management of the mailroom. It provides scheduling and supervisory functionality and manages Harland Simon’s other mailroom systems.
By interfacing directly to the circulation system, order requirements can be automatically brought into the Prima MMS. Mailroom jobs can be set up easily and distributed to the relevant equipment – such as bundle sizes to stackers and route data to the bundle distribution system – reducing the workload for individual process operators and facilitating a ‘big picture’ approach to the whole mailroom production area.


Increased automation

Intelligent product planning tools

Maximised efficiency

Minimised machine downtime

Enhanced diagnostics

Monitoring and Reporting

Throughout the course of production, progress can be monitored via the Prima MMS and a suite of reports can be generated to provide more detailed offline information. The use of open source software enables users to develop their own custom designed reports to suit specific requirements.

Insert Management

By controlling the inserters, Prima MMS can also manage the highly complex distribution of inserts to different regions or distribution zones.

Managing the complete insert workflow from acquisition right through to distribution, Prima MMS provides graphics, tables and geographical overviews to make the process clear and understandable to avoid mistakes in planning, production and distribution.

Inside mailroom

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