Copy Counting System – Prima Totalizer

The Prima Totalizer Management Information System (MIS) has been continually developed and tested over two decades to provide the most robust and reliable copy counting solution available for newspaper publishing companies. Its modular and scalable design means it is suitable for printers of all sizes. The Prima Totalizer MIS provides essential information to print production management including: – Copy counts – Bundle counts – Stop reason and downtime analysis – Production scheduling information
It enables management to focus on maximising efficiency and reducing costs by providing accurate information on raw materials, waste, machine utilisation, downtime and stop reasons.


Saves time by removing manual data entry and the production reports

Saves paper and ink by eliminating over/under run waste

Provides reliable accurate data to improve accountability, decision making and performance

Enables effective production scheduling

How does Prima Totalizer work

Totalizer MIS pulls together information from the press hall and mailroom to provide real-time monitoring and historic reporting, minimising the need for manual  data input. Information is collected during the run via sensors and directly from operator input. Reports can then be generated immediately without staff having to manually enter data after the event. Totalizer can be fully integrated into modern press control architectures for functions such as auto- stopping of the presses.

Copy Counting System - Totalizer