Prima Esprit substantially reduces the time required to produce impositions, and eliminates the reliance on employees who can efficiently define impositions manually. Using the Prima Esprit Auto-Impositioning System virtually anybody can carry out this task.


Calculates impositions in seconds rather than relying on a predefined catalogue

Incorporates the functionality of your press – bay windows, balloon formers, half bars, dinky bars

Reduces reliance on skilled employees

Takes into account unusable equipment and minimises changeover effort

Accommodates detailed users preferences about each aspect of the printing process

Provides a clear print out for webbing up

Prima Esprit

The system is different from most other systems available in the market as it determines impositions in seconds based on an algorithm that calculates the best way to produce a particular product rather than using a catalogue of predefined impositions.
Using pre-configured information on your presses’ capabilities Esprit quickly identifies the best possible imposition to produce the defined product based on your preferred production methods.


Interfaces are available to 3rd Party CtP Workflow and Press Control systems to automatically define the job requirements for plate production, plate sorting, press make ready and presetting. This reduces time delays and effort required to enter job requirements into different systems whilst creating new products and eliminates possible errors that can occur when manually inputting the same data into different systems.

Dayton Daily News Case Study - Auto-Impositioning

Find out how Harland Simon’s PRIMA Esprit allowed the Dayton Daily News to automate the process and shift the press layout function to their pagination department thus allowing the press foremen to focus their efforts on the pressroom floor.