Colour Planning

The Prima ColorWare Colour Planning tool provides a truly integrated solution eliminating time delays and effort required to confirm the feasibility of a product between editorial and production.


Answers the question – ‘Where can I put colour?’

Highlights the best pages for additional colour

Takes into account unserviceable parts of the press

Indicates how difficult it will be to produce a product

Takes into account production running rules

Prima ColorWare

Prima ColorWare automatically determines the pages where colour can be added to a given product based on the number of sections, pages and colour requirements. Using this information, ColorWare assesses additional colour possibilities, highlights preferred additional colour positions, grades the production difficulty of the job and displays the number of wasted colour slots. Prima ColorWare utilises the same algorithm as the Prima Esprit Auto-Impositioning system.
Interfaces are available to allow your 3rd party layout system to send product data to ColorWare’s generation engine to confirm the feasibility of the product, show any additional spot and full colour options and return this information to your layout system.