Prima RIPSet – Ink Zone Calculator

Harland Simon’s Prima RIPSet can considerably reduce start-up waste by providing the data for presetting the ink levels on your press at the start of each run and reducing the number of ink adjustments required before copies are of saleable quality.

How does Prima RIPSet work

PresettingscreenshotPrima RIPSet takes data from your RIP network and uses this to pre-set the ink levels. The RIPs process the page image files to produce the CMYK separation data files that are sent to the CtP in order to make the printing plates. A copy of each separation file is sent to RIPSet to begin the presetting process without affecting the plate making process.
RIPSet takes the plate separation data file and digitally splits it into columns corresponding to the ink zones on the press. Each column is then analysed to identify the percentage of set areas within the column which correspond to the amount of coverage. The readings for each column across the plate are then stored against the plate within the press management system, so that when the plate is allocated to a press or presses, the management system can apply appropriate calibration to the raw data before presetting the press. The same separation image files are recombined to provide a post-RIP colour image which can be used by our Soft Proofing system.
A Page Tracking screen is provided to display the progress of the receipt of image files from the workflow system. Each file is displayed as a thumbnail and populates a progress bar. Receipt of all images is time stamped for reporting purposes and a simple measure of images still to be received is shown.