Press Control Systems

Harland Simon has over 30 years’ experience in supplying the most advanced and user friendly press control systems for the widest range of press manufacturers.

The press control system is a key element of any newspaper production process. It controls the rate at which newspapers are produced and, equally important, the quality of those newspapers. That’s why we have invested so much time and effort in producing the best systems available. Whether you are considering a new press or looking to replace an obsolete system, we have the solution for you, no matter who originally manufactured the press or its control system.


Fast, intuitive touch screen operation

Industry-standard platforms

Full range of after-sales service

New, retrofit and expansion projects

Available for any press manufacturer

24×7 support facility

P7000 Press Control Console

Harland Simon’s P7000 Console provides the interface to the press control system. Its design is based upon a long track record of employing touch screen operation for the quickest adjustment of all press control functions. The large simple-to-use screens allow for highly efficient operation in fast paced newspaper production environments. Designed with the requirements of printers and production managers in mind, it’s ideal for press set-up tasks and real-time quality control. Intuitive controls and a well-designed lay down area ensure that adjustments can be made quickly to maintain quality and reduce waste.
All control desks have full functionality and identical configuration, so any unit can be used as the master. This provides redundancy in operation, so production can continue even in the event of a technical problem on one desk. The Ethernet networked connection enables fully flexible selection between folders in multi press operations.
Options are available for third-party controls such as auto-registration, ink supply systems or blanket washing to eliminate the need for multiple control interfaces near the console.



Control System Architecture – PressNet

Harland Simon’s standardised PressNet architecture connects all areas of the control system. It’s based on off-the-shelf drives, PCs, PLCs and Ethernet communications running on a standard Microsoft operating system and software. This provides a powerful and robust platform with excellent diagnostics which can be maintained and supported either locally or from our 24×7 support facility.

The PressNet system can be easily configured to suit your requirements and is designed to minimise implementation time and costs. Comprehensive logging of any events within the system such as sensor readings on the press or operator interventions, provides a powerful tool for fault finding. Having been introduced over 15 years ago, the PressNet system is now operational on over 60 sites world-wide.

All PC and PLC hardware we install is non-proprietary and commercially available from a range of major component manufacturers via local distribution channels. We will accommodate your choice of manufacturer wherever possible.

Drives can be provided in any type of configuration for conventional or shaftless applications utilising DC, AC or Servo technologies, giving you full flexibility to work with your established or preferred technology.

A huge range of experience with many manufacturers of ink, damp, register, mailroom, RIP, layout and workflow systems enables Harland Simon to provide a fully integrated solution to fulfil the requirements of any newspaper production facility.


Upgrades and Retrofits

We can provide a range of enhancements to your existing press to improve out put quality and reduce costs whilst keeping you in daily production.