Reelstand Controls

Modernising the controls on your mechanically sound reelstands can extend their life and provide significant performance improvements over the original equipment. Upgrading reelstand controls can help prevent web breaks as new systems are easier to set up, more accurate and maintain performance more consistently.
Harland Simon offers a range of reelstand control replacement solutions including both static belt and running belt designs.


Reduces waste on splices and on the core

Reduces paste/splice failures

Improves tension control

Replaces proprietary and obsolete electronics with industry standard PLC

Allows remote problem diagnosis and performance monitoring

Case example

Following a reelstand upgrade from Harland Simon a newspaper production company with 40 reelstands on 4 presses saw an average improvement of 26% in splicing performance.


Goss CT45/CT50 Reelstand Upgrade

The CT Reelstand Upgrade replaces the intelligence of the operator side enclosure with an Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC and the DC motor controller in the drive side enclosure with a digital DC drive. A modern user friendly HMI is also included.
As well as improving the system reliability by using standard components for the controls, a lot of peripheral devices are also replaced to achieve additional improvements. The dancer position control potentiometer is replaced with a non-contact transducer, to improve the accuracy of the dancer position and longevity of this part of the system. Similarly, the roll rotation potentiometer is also replaced with a position encoder, which is more accurate and more robust. The Warner brake module is also eliminated.

Goss Static Belt RTP Upgrade

This upgrade provides a standard PLC replacement for the reelstand electrical and pneumatic controls. The electrical equipment is a direct replacement for the original equipment plate and the pneumatic parts are located on the tension panel.
All the sequence, tension and splice control functions are handled within the PLC for maximum consistency and ease of setting.



Manroland CD Reelstand Upgrade

Whether your current manroland reelstands (example CD 13) has manroland, EAE or MEGTEC controls – we have an off-the-shelf, non-proprietary solution for
you. Harland Simon will supply equipment mounted on new back-plates and connectors to match your existing reelstand connections. In addition, we can exchange an Allen Bradley Powerflex drive for single utility (RSLogix5000) programming and monitoring and where possible Ethernet based communications;
Devicenet/Ethernet communications to new infeed drives communications thus eliminating increasingly obsolete Interbus or ArcNet.

MEG D 500 reelstand Upgrade

The Harland Simon upgrade replaces the pneumatic control of the tension control with an PLC based electrical system allowing easier adjustment and tuning, better, more consistent control and ease of maintenance.

Adjustments which can be made via the PLC include setting of waste left on reel, tail length and tensions.