Press Roll Tracking System (RTS)

The PRIMA Roll Tracking System is a comprehensive suite of modules designed to manage your paper stock from the time paper is ordered until newspapers leave your site. Prima RTS provides Production Directors with the tools required to assess paper stocks and the quality of paper from different suppliers, as well as providing Financial Directors with figures for Management Reporting. As more and more production sites take on contract print jobs with customer supplied paper the management and reporting on inventory is of increasing complexity and importance.

Reduced Inventory

by knowing exactly the stock you have on site and typical delivery times for new orders, the stock you hold can be reduced in order to free up space and capital.

Supplier Performance

the RTS provides data on the calculated grammages and the number of web breaks per supplier, per paper type. This is useful information when negotiating the cost of next year’s paper.

Reduction in Waste

the first step to reducing waste is to know where it occurs. The RTS can be configured to send e-mail alerts as soon as targeted waste is exceeded for any edition.

Reduced Man-Hours

by using the portable bar code scanners, paperwork can be virtually eliminated from the system’s operation, freeing up valuable time for more profitable work.

Case Example

A typical regional site spending about £7 million a year on paper would only have to reduce waste by approximately 0.4% to comfortably recover the cost of the system in the first year.