Upgrades and Retrofits

It’s reasonable to expect that all parts of a newspaper plant such as the press, reelstands or mailroom equipment should provide reliable service for 20 to 30 years from when they were first installed. Their controls are likely to become a source of concern after a much shorter period of time as intermittent failures and obsolete components start to creep in. Controls may also lack functionality and speed of response when compared to newer equivalents.
Harland Simon’s highly developed upgrade methodology means we can make any part of your newspaper production more reliable and supportable by replacing critical components whilst keeping you in daily production. Our systems are available for all original equipment manufacturers, so it doesn’t matter how old your press is or who supplied it, we can help you get the best from it.
Our tailored upgrade solutions are available for:


Installed around production scheduled

Obsolescence issues eliminated

Off-the-shelf components

Improved response times and quicker start-up

Enhanced diagnostics

24×7 remote support

Increased reliability

Reduced waste

Upgrade Methodology

Harland Simon can work around your production schedules to upgrade any of your newspaper production control systems. Our zero risk strategy means that at no stage do we make a change that cannot be reversed until the solution is fully proven.
With a risk-based approach our upgrades focus on removing obsolete and problematic equipment whilst providing state-of-the-art functionality on industry-standard components which can be sourced locally. In many cases, the upgrades can be phased over a number of projects to spread the cost with each one delivering tangible benefits.
Through careful planning and innovative conversion techniques Harland Simon have upgraded over 120 Press Control Systems whilst maintaining normal production output.

95% of all Harland Simon upgrades are undertaken on working presses, which must print every day.

Press Control Upgrade - Goss Universal

For an example of a phased approach press control upgrade on a Goss Universal press please download pdf below.


Wherever possible our upgrade and retrofit solutions are based upon the use on industry standard, non-proprietary PC, PLC and drive hardware. PCs are typically Dell whilst PLC, drives and associated equipment are sourced from the Allen-Bradley range manufactured by Rockwell Automation which provides the following benefits:

  • Huge investment in research & development
  • Worldwide support network
  • Worldwide product distribution networks
  • Proven long lifecycles and clear upgrade paths

In recognition of Harland Simon’s expertise as a solutions provider we have been awarded Recognized System Integrator (RcSI) status by Rockwell Automation which is the highest level of partnership. This provides enhanced levels of support and training to reinforce Harland Simon’s service to their customers.

Our extensive experience includes the conversion of the following systems:

  • Press Control Upgrades

  • Reelstand Upgrades

    • Goss RTP
    • Goss CT45
    • Goss CT50
    • CD-13
    • MEG
    • MEGTEC
    • ENKEL
    • KBA Pastomat, Pastoline, Patras

  • Drive Upgrades

    • Lineshaft
    • Shaftless
    • DC
    • AC
    • Servo
    • Allen-Bradley 1395
    • Allen-Bradley 1396
    • Allen-Bradley 1336
    • Fincor
    • ToyoDenki
    • Indramat
    • SSD

  • Mailroom Upgrades


    • NP 630
    • NP 632
    • NP2299
    • 1472


    • QUIPP
    • NP 125