Ensuring your staff are fully trained to use the equipment they are working with, is key in order to maximise its benefits.

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How we can help you

Our qualified training team provides a range of standard Harland Simon product and system courses based either on-site, in our well-equipped training suite or delivered remotely via interactive web-based training. We also offer tailored packages developed to suit your specific requirements.

Our training courses are designed to help you

• Prepare and run with minimal set-up time

• Reduce waste to minimum level

• Eliminate unnecessary downtime

• Deliver the correct quality and quantity output to schedule

Training Course Options

We aim to offer a range of training packages to suit the needs of our customers, taking into account your production needs, the range of your equipment and the size of your work force. Available types of courses are:
Standard Product Courses – These are based around Harland Simon product capabilities rather than your specific system. Course are available for PressNet control systems, Prima software (operation and IT maintenance), and Prima Desk Operation
Site specific courses – These courses take your specific system set-up into consideration and actively support you in applying the knowledge gained on standard product courses at your own site.
Bespoke courses – We can carry out a training needs analysis to design a course to meet your specific requirements. This includes refresher training, courses focusing on a particular element of the system or a general overview of the system for supervisors and managers.